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Comments by: YACCS

Monday, August 11, 2003

It's not that I haven't had much to say, maybe I've had too much?

schmedgar: I took Friday afternoon off, went to register for Otakon and then hung around for a couple of hours, did some shopping, watched some really funny short videos (You're under Arrest mini videos) then walked to the Inner harbor and took the water taxi down to the vet to get Edgar sedation. Took the water taxi back to fell's point and was on my way home when I found an old friend in a bar we used to go to (that has changed hands several times since then)
schmedgar: went in a had a couple beers with her and some other people. then went home, and walked the dog
schmedgar: played on my keyboard for a while then watched a dvd
schmedgar: Saturday am took edgar to be groomed at 8:30, went and had coffee with Carol went back to Otakon from 11-5. Picked up Edgar, went to dinner with some friends, played keyboard for a while, played bingo on vzones.
schmedgar: Sunday, went to farmer's market at 8, stayed until about 10:15, walked over to Otakon because I particularly wanted to see Piano, left there around 3, went to the wine company, then home, walke dthe dog, packed up a picnic and went to the jazz concert in the park.

was in bed by 10.

Thursday, July 24, 2003
Apart from the picture over there ---> I've pretty much stayed away from newsy items here. But I have to ask about this. What would possess anyone to think that killing Hussein's sons would stop attacks against US troops? I mean, it's not like they were personally responsible for the attacks, so why wouldn't anyone who has been paying any attention at all realize that killing the sons was much more likely to increase attacks against the military? Um, don't we have specialists who can figure this kind of thing out. I swear Americans are completely stupid when it comes to understanding basic cause and effect.
For example, if a state elects a new governor and two months after s/he takes office the states economy falls apart, can it really be the new Governor's fault? um- duh.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003
it's just after 8 and I've been very productive already. The poor dog is getting his summer itchies which is miserable for both of us. He does a lot of spinning and growling and trying to get his tail. His preferred time and location for this activity being the bed at 5am. So I decided just to get up and away. so between 5 and 7:30 I took out the garbarge, did some laundry, spent extra long in the shower, packed up more food for lunch than I can possibly eat all day, including green beans and corn on the cob, put away a bunch of clothes, washed dishes, and watered everything.

I haven't had a morning like that in a long time. I had forgotten how good it felt.

Monday, July 21, 2003
I had jury duty on Friday. I actually don't mind it that much even though it's lost time. It's like air travel, you spend all day doing what people tell you to do (watch this video, sign in for your money, watch the movie, got to lunch, get you job slip, watch another movie, go home) and chattign with whomever ends up near you. I wasn't supposed to take a sewing needle so I took my latch hook and did some of that instead. Read a bit, tried to stay awake. It was fine *shrug*

Bought lots of good food this weekend, since I have the new refrigerator I have renewed interest in shopping and preparing stuff. I've also been trying to be good and take lunch to work to save a few bucks and eat stuff that's good for me. It's much easier to do that when I am going to the farmer's market regularly and buying locally grown stuff.

I also finally go to see the Hours which I'd been wanting to view. I adored the book when I read it over a year ago. I didn't want to like it because I thought it was going to be a nasty rip off of Virginia Woolf but the book was fantastic. the movie was fine but didnt blow me away. I kept wondering, if I hadn't read the book would I have responded to the movie more? I will say that Nicole Kidman was excellent as Virginia Woolf and I fully intended to hate her in that role.

Thursday, July 17, 2003
I have been obessing about how so many people waste other people's time or are just generally thoughtless about how their behavior affects others. Unfortunately, once I start thinking this way, I can't let go and I start making lists in my head of all the examples I see of it. This is not healthy thinking- I need to be smacked.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003
I saw an ad for this breast cancer fundraiser when iwas up visiting my parents last week. I've been thinking about ideas for various bra-like things to submit for it. I think that I might try making a purse or a miniature beaded bra. I have jury duty on Friday so I may be able to start workign on something when I'm there.

Oh and about a year ago Darcy asked me about Citizens on Patrol. I joined our local COP group for a variety fo reasons- to become more familiar with Police procedure and activities, to get a new view of what is going on in the neighborhood, just to be involved in a neighborhood activity, and also because I thinkit's important that the citizens show support of the police force in this city. We tend to bad mouth the city government and the cops but aren't always aware of the pressures those people are working under. I also really believe that the squeaky wheel gets the grease and so I'm happy do do my share of squeaking and I think that going out with COP helps the sqeaking process.

Friday, July 11, 2003
oh and I added some things to my netflix queue: I've been wanting to watch the BBC adaptations of the P.D. James mysteries; I fall asleep when I watch them on the tv (and my reception is lousy anyway) so I have "Death of An Expert Witness" now and have added the rest to be sent soon.

I have been terribly lax in blogging and I need a new layout. Piffle *smacks self*
Lets' see, the briefest rundown of events:
was in NYC visitng Tina last week and spent Monday shopping in the fabulous wholesale sequins and beads and other useless items shops. I've always wanted to go through those places but never had a chance when they were open and I was alone. I found some great deals on cheap jewelry but didn't really buy much, considering. It was alittle too overwhelming. But hey, it is always good toknow what's out there in case you ever need to make a skating costume or to whip something up for a drag show.

Tina is an excellent hostess and let me dictat what food we ate- specifically, I had to have these goat meat tacos I'd had last year- they are delicious!!!

Then went on to my parent's in Massachusetts where I realized that it is amazing that children ever grow up to be adults when they seem not to have any ability to think through the consequences of their actions at all. I would watch the 10 year olds and wonder "whatever made you think that was a good idea?" But we had fun and I played games with them and was generally a good aunt.

The Fourth was quiter than usual. We have always had a huge party- family and whoever else we wanted to invite. This time it was just family and was very pleasant because there was actually time to talk to people. I really enjoyed it despite getting a nasty sunburn.

The week back has been quiet except that my refrigerator dies and I had to get a new one- puts a real dent in my spending money. Sears was um- 6 hours late delivering but I got the delivery charges credited back and a $50 gidt card for my inconvenience. Uh huh. It made me wonder, if I accept the money, have I sold my right to complain to the higher up people about it? All they would be likely to do would be give me money anyway but I feel like they should know that it is a major inconvenience to be stuck all afternoon and evening. They didn't deliver until after 9pm. But Iguess they can get away with this because we are all so easily paid off?